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Global International Security Consultants consists of a dedicated team of ex Military Specialists. The company operates in areas of conflict incorporating low and high profile security techniques. All our operatives have a wide range of experience in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Europe, Central Asia, Northern Ireland, Africa and Central/South America. We offer full consultation and reconnaissance of areas you are thinking of deploying. Our team will research, deploy, recon and provide a full detailed report on the feasibility of operating within that area. We will make contacts, arrange secure accommodation and even accompany you in country if required. We have secured local 'safe' houses in several provinces in Afghanistan, keeping the external look of the property low key, but upgrading the interior with high tech security, armed guards, safe rooms etc. We can hire and train local security, including full vetting.

Global International Security Consultants also provide Personal Protection details for our clients. We specialise in female personal protection officers, martial arts trained, ex military. GIS provides Maritime Security for shipping travelling through the Gulf of Aden, armed or unarmed, entering the vessel by air or sea off the coast of Kenya/Seychelles and providing safe passage into the Indian Ocean. Demining is a very technical field and GIS operates the latest in demining vehicles, providing automated demining services.

Our Technical Managers have operated in Croatia, Afghanistan and Iraq, using the latest demining vehicles and practises. Whatever your security needs may be, contact us and we can offer our services within 72 hours notice

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  • - To assist organisations and individuals in proactive security planning, implementation and training.‚Äč
  • - To meet the security requirements of corporations and executives with an integrated team operating at the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.
  • - GIS will provide a carefully assessed, individually tailored program of security measures that will bring together a unique blend of highly sophisticated techniques designed to adapt to the requirements of your organization and the available resources within its environment.

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Our dedicated professionals are deployed all over the world. We can put together a team at short notice to cater to your needs. Due to the nature of our work our operational staff are not displayed on this site. However, after initial consultation one of our operatives will meet with you face to face to further discuss your requirements.

Our team undergo regular training; we currently employ specialist instructors to keep the team sharp. Advanced driving, firearms, first aid, communication, language and culture are just some of the training needs covered for our staff and also on offer to outside organisations. We currently have operatives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Europe, New Zealand and Africa.

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