Middle East

GIS have entered into partnership with a locally based company and are able to provide full security, training and security assessments throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have appointed an Operations Manager based in KSA. Our OM is an ex Colonel in the Jordanian Special Forces, and our teams are hand picked ex Jordanian Special Forces. As a result we can offer highly trained teams to carry out personal protection, training, security assessments, route planning, surveillance and intelligence gathering.

GIS can operate in the following Middle East countries:

- Saudi Arabia (KSA)

- Jordan

- Lebanon

- Iraq

- Afghanistan

- Pakistan


- Oman

- Yemen

- Kuwait


Some of the services provided by GIS include:

- Threat awareness training (Detect, Deter, Delay, Respond, Recover)
- Risk, threat and Gap analysis

If you do not require a full security detail, we can offer training courses tailored to your specific requirements.

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