Pacific Asia ​Group

Passionate about helping Myanmar.

Myanmar (Burma) is a country undergoing change on a huge scale. However, each State is experiencing conflict at varying levels, and as a result travel into or through these regions is unpredictable, in some cases forbidden. Global International Security are currently working in Myanmar (Burma), assisting Aid organisations in the safe delivery and distribution of medical aid to difficult to access areas. We are also assisting foreign companies who are interested in working in Myanmar with intelligence gathering, security assessments and training . GIS are available to offer security for companies undergoing projects throughout Myanmar. By using vetted and personally trained local staff, GIS can offer tailored security packages for large scale or small projects. GIS are intending on working in Burma for a number of years and have a strategic plan based on the following principles:


​1: Careful reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

2: Liaison and dialogue with all concerned within that area, government officials and company representatives, local community leaders.

3: Safe route planning, including demining If required.

4: Emergency response, GIS has capabilities to react to any emergency situation and carry out rapid extraction, medical or other.

5: Satellite imagery and analysis. GIS has access to satellite imagery and can conduct detailed analysis of any area of interest throughout Myanmar. The satellite images are current.

GIS have a locally appointed Operations Manager and Medical Team Leader. Operations are conducted through our offices in Yangon and Cebu, Philippines.