GIS operates teams of highly trained personal protection officers. All our operatives are fully trained and regularly assessed by our management teams.

Personal Protection

In every part of the world where we provide Bodyguard services, Close Protection services and VIP Protection services, we are able to access established high level links with regional, national and international law enforcement and appropriate organizations, enabling us to provide a service which is comparable to that provided by the best government protection teams.


Our services include:


Individual Bodyguard Services, Close Protection Services, VIP Protection Services, for one off or regular duties for clients including celebrities, executives, religious leaders, wealthy individuals and families when travelling.

Also specialist services for NGO and media personnel (including conflict zones). In fact, any group, company or individuals requiring enhanced protection for any purpose, should contact us to discuss their requirements and seek our professional advice, without need to commit to a service request.


Multiple Close Protection Officers, including Bodyguards and Personal Escort Officers for clients attending conferences, functions, events, public appearances, or simply requiring increased security or protective services in response to a perceived or actual threat during a holiday, business trip or social engagement.


Full Close Protection with Residential Security Teams, providing 24-hour Bodyguard protection for Families, Individuals, Corporate Executives, Religious Leaders, Diplomats, Celebrities at any time and any location.


Specialist services are available for Media or NGO Teams (operating in conflict zones or hostile environments)

In addition to providing some of the most comprehensively trained and experienced international Bodyguards, VIP Protection, Close Protection Officers in the world, we also offer the following options as part of our bespoke protection packages:

​​Personal Protection

Travel advice and risk assessment, including liaison with host nation police, medical, embassy, other organizations as required.

Worldwide site surveys, including country reports and specific site surveys, with full multimedia reports and recommendations where required.

​ ​

Media and NGO personnel security services, for conflict zones and hostile environment.

You are assured of the highest quality service tailored to your needs, also our closest confidential attention at all times.

GIS is currently training ex military female bodyguards ready to deploy to the Middle East. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.